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Does Auto Detailing Increase My Car’s Value?

Have you ever noticed how amazingly clean your car is, inside and out, when you pick it up from a collision repair shop?  That’s because body shop technicians know that professional detailing keeps your vehicle looking like new while protecting its interior and exterior.  And, many auto body shops provide in-house car detailing services, including exterior, interior and engine bay.  But will getting your vehicle detailed enhance its worth?  Let’s take a more in-depth look at the three types of detailing, and if they actually increase your car’s value.

Exterior Auto Detailing Restores & Protects

Weather elements and the sun’s UV rays cause your car’s paint to fade and dull.  In addition, your finish experiences scratches, oxidation (rust) and parking lot dings.  Wheel surfaces also get quite dirty, and all these factors can lower your car’s resale value.  To counteract those, professional detailers use these steps to restore and protect car exteriors:

  • Wash and scrub the outside with a deep penetrating brush, including the wheels
  • Dry all surfaces with a soft, microfiber mitt
  • Gently polish out light scratches, oxidation & swirl marks
  • Wax the paint, usually with a high-quality, carnauba-based paste product
  • Methodically clean & then apply protective polish to rubber trim areas

Professional detailing products contain UV inhibitors that protect paint while extending its life.  When a car exterior’s finish is restored to its original condition, it’s not only eye-catching, but it also projects an image that the vehicle was well taken care of, inside and out.  In the end, that adds overall value to your car.

Car Interiors Benefit from Detailing

Auto interior carpeting, upholstery, trim and mats are constantly subjected to wear-and-tear, including food and beverage spills, cigarette smoke, mud and pets.  Additionally, the sun’s UV rays can fade your upholstery, trim and dash.  Professional detailers know how to restore the original beauty of leather, fabric and carpeting using various cleaning and sanitizing processes.

First they thoroughly vacuum and shampoo the inside of your car, and then use high-quality, commercial-grade products to clean and protect the seats, trim, and carpeting.  On leather seats and trim, they first deeply scrub the material and then use special conditioners.  All of these detailing tricks prolong your car interior’s life and removes unwanted odors.  As a result, this adds value to your vehicle.

Detailed Engines Boost a Car’s Value

Have you ever popped the hood on a used car that you’re looking at and the engine was spotless?  Seeing a clean motor instills confidence in a potential buyer.  That’s why dealers have their detailers carefully clean the engines as they prep used cars for sale.  And if you’ve had auto body repairs done, notably for a front-end collision, you’ll see a professionally- detailed engine when the work is finished.  That makes you feel more confident in the repairs, right?  When you are selling or trading in your vehicle, the emotional impact is the same.

Mechanics also love to work on vehicles with clean engines, as it allows them to assess and diagnose problems more easily.  Here’s how most detailers clean up grimy car engines:

  • They gently clean off loose dirt with a light water spray
  • Then they wipe down the engine components with a commercial degreaser, and rinse it off again
  • After drying completely, all rubber, silicone and plastic engine components are “dressed” with special protective compounds to prevent cracking

A clean engine compartment will add value to your car by making it more attractive to a potential buyer or when trading it in at a dealership.

Body Shops Near You Provide Auto Detailing

According to used car experts, annual professional detailing can boost the market value of your vehicle by up to 15%, depending upon the make, year and overall condition.  Without question, auto detailing increases your car’s worth, especially when it’s over five years old.  Not only that, but as long as you continue driving it, detailing will protect the finish from the elements and the inside from wear-and-tear.  And, when a mechanic needs to do some repairs, a detailed engine increases the odds that they will be performed correctly the first time!  As was mentioned earlier, most collision repair shops offer professional detailing services.  To search your zip code for one in your area, visit now.

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